New Update 2.8

Hello, this important update includes support for iOS 11,Swift 4 and the new iPhone X as well as shoutcast/icy metadata handling, playlist handling and switching between multiple video streams in real time. The sample project is rewritten in Swift. This update also includes bug fixes and other improvements below. Have fun with the most stable […]


New Update 2.7

Hello, In this version we have added Custom I/O support to iOS VideoKit so that now it supports playing audio/video stream in memory. This update also includes bug fixes and other improvements below. Have fun with the most stable powerful version of VideoKit 😉 Below is the release notes of version 2.7, Version: 2.7 – […]

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Playing RTSP streams with iOS VideoKit

Playing RTSP streams with iOS VideoKit As we all know iOS SDK does not support playing RTSP streams natively. But if you want to play RTSP streams in your applications, you can use iOS VideoKit for doing that. It’s as easy as adding a few lines of code to play RTSP streams using iOS VideoKit. […]


VideoKit for tvOS

As of September 2015, Apple announced their new operating system tvOS for the new Apple TV platform. This is a great news for the developers as they can submit their new tvOS apps for Apple TV on App Store. tvOS is mostly built on top of iOS platform, that means iOS developers won’t have much […]


Using iOS VideoKit Titanium Module in an Appcelerator Project

Hello everyone, In this post we are going to talk about Titanium, an open-source software development kit for cross-platform mobile development, and the Appcelerator Platform, a mobile engagement platform that provides cross-platform native mobile app development using JavaScript. We have ported iOS VideoKit project into a Titanium module, and in this post we will learn […]


Using iOS VideoKit (as an objective-c static library) in a Swift project

(Updated for Swift 3) As we already know, Swift is Apple’s next generation programing language and it is a replacement for Objective C. After its introduction at Apple’s WWDC 2014, developers started to learn and explore the new language. However we all know that changing a programming language needs serious effort and it will take time to […]


Upcoming 2.0 & 2.1 versions with new prices!

Hello everyone, This is a new blog post about upcoming updates for iOS VideoKit framework, this post does not include any technical information but, it mentions about our roadmaps and informing about upcoming price changes We have been working hard on new upcoming updates for months, and We will release 2.0 version at the end […]


Playing RTMP streams with ffplay & iOS VideoKit

Hello developers, This is a new blog post about playing RTMP streams with ffplay & VideoKit. We will show you how to set the parameters of RTMP stream with ffplay and our framework VideoKit using VKDECODER_OPT_KEY_PASS_THROUGH decoder option which newly added in version 1.10 Before start, please note that We tested our RTMP links with […]


Minimizing the latency in realtime communication

Hello developers, This is a new blog post about minimizing the latency in realtime video communication, If you also want to learn about how to speed up the player startup duration, please see our previous post (Minimizing the initial delay) In audio/video communication, the latency should be as low as it can, in our previous […]


Minimizing the initial delay

Hello developers, This is a new blog post about minimizing the initial delay in VideoKit. As known VideoKit uses ffmpeg library under the hood, We will focus on some options of ffmpeg. The initial latency can not be remarkable when try to play a local file, but if the We are streaming from a remote […]