New Update 2.8


Hello, this important update includes support for iOS 11,Swift 4 and the new iPhone X as well as shoutcast/icy metadata handling, playlist handling and switching between multiple video streams in real time. The sample project is rewritten in Swift.
This update also includes bug fixes and other improvements below. Have fun with the most stable and fresh version of VideoKit 😉

Below is the release notes of version 2.8,

Version: 2.8 – Release Date: November 2017

• New shiny sample project written with Swift
• iOS11 support
• Sample project supports Swift 4
• Added new sample for playlist handling
• New shoutcast/icy metadata handling feature is added
• iPhoneX user interface support
• If video has multiple video streams, then now It’s possible to switch between video streams in realtime
• iOS11 autolayout crash – FIXED
• iOS11 warnings – FIXED
• Small ffmpeg memory leaks are FIXED
• Seeking in ts files is broken – FIXED
• When step method is called, a short stream’s audio is heard – FIXED • UIAlertView is depreciated – FIXED
• Airplay rotation issue on iOS11 – FIXED

download & try now

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