Upcoming 2.0 & 2.1 versions with new prices!

Hello everyone,

This is a new blog post about upcoming updates for iOS VideoKit framework, this post does not include any technical information but, it mentions about our roadmaps and informing about upcoming price changes

We have been working hard on new upcoming updates for months, and We will release 2.0 version at the end of this month with below changes,

Version: 2.0 – Release Date: August 14

• Added support for secure streams with openSSL (now https, rtmps, rtmpe, rtmpte, rtmpte & tls protocols are supported)
• Added new feature: VideoKit shows the first picture immediately without waiting to fetch all frames to start
• TCP & UDP protocols are supported (tcp://xxx & udp://xxx streams can be playable)
• Seek in RTMP file streams can be possible
• ffmpeg libraries are updated to latest 2.x stable version
• Build script is updated for building & supporting openSSL & ffmpeg version 2.x
• Some APIs are depreciated, those are replaced with new ones in 2.x
• When using multiple players, the owner of the post notification can not be determined in delegate method – FIXED
• 1 KB is not 1024 Bytes in file system – FIXED
• Some log types are changed in play and stop methods
• In some local files, restarting from the beginning of the movie causes no sound, FIXED
• In some videos, frame timer is updated so late, this causes black screen on the start of video, FIXED
• NEON support is broken in Xcode 5.x, new scripts are added for Xcode 4.6.3 to build with neon & asm support
• Remote license activating & controlling mechanism

Later, We will release 2.1 version in the early of September with below changes

Version 2.1 – Release Date: September 14

• Player is gained recording functionality (No transcoding, record as is)
(dev licenses and upper licenses will get this feature)
• Small bug fixes

About the prices changes,

First, please note that all updates are free for 1 year

With beginning the 2.0 version, all license prices will be increased, but We will accept purchases from old prices till the date 15th September 2014

If you are interesting in VideoKit, then it’s the best time to take action

Bye now until next post!

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