New Update 2.7


In this version we have added Custom I/O support to iOS VideoKit so that now it supports playing audio/video stream in memory.

This update also includes bug fixes and other improvements below. Have fun with the most stable powerful version of VideoKit 😉

Below is the release notes of version 2.7,

Version: 2.7 – Release Date: May 2017

• Custom I/O support (support playing audio/video stream in memory, superb feature for custom protocols)
• BOB interlace opengles filter for deinterlacing interlaced videos for TV.
• Original video frame size snapshots support.
• ffmpeg build script is updated for iOS10 SDK.
• gas-processor (improves video decoding performance) is updated to the latest version

//Bug fixes & improvements
• If probesize is not enough to determine the colorspace, then default value causes the crash – FIXED
• End of file detection feature is broken – FIXED
• Recording can be restart rapidly (It’s useful to change recording file for file size issues.)
• Although the license check mechanism is disabled in Enterprise license, license check warning is logged – FIXED
• App crashes when trying to update screen with opengles while App is in background – FIXED
• AudioToolbox can not decode MP2, pcm_alaw and pcm_ulaw, so they are disabled in audio hw decoder check
• disableInnerBuffer property is not effective since the ffmpeg flag is passed to avformat after connection – FIXED
• Two new decoder options are added to disable hardware acceleration for specific audio and video codecs
• New player property to manage mic recording for users using broadcasting sdk’s in their projects
• After player is destroyed, the CVtextureCache objects are not removed and caused to leak – FIXED
• timerPanelHidden is retained but never released and caused to memory leak – FIXED
• NSTimer type timerPanelHidden has memory leak – FIXED

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