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VideoKit is a powerful video playing and streaming framework for iOS developers , it’s coded with Objective-C language. It supports playing local & remote files (mkv, divx, xvid, ogg, vorbis and more) and supports streaming popular protocols & formats (mms, http, rtsp, rtmp, rtp, mjpeg).


Stream video from multiple protocols (http, mms, rtsp, rtmp)


Supports Airplay and secondary screens via cable

NSObject derived player

Player is an NSObject instance, so can be used without UI


Play most popular video & audio containers such as MKV, AVI, MP4, OGG ,WAVE ...


Showing video/stream both in fullscreen and embedded

Volume level

Showing video/stream both in fullscreen and embedded


Supports all popular audio & video codecs (h264, divx, xvid, mp3, vorbis ...)

Multiple players

Supports multiple players on same view / viewcontroller

Change Audio Streams

Supports multiple audio streams and cycling them in realtime

What our customers say about iOS VideoKit
Our framework is used by many companies & developers in several iOS apps.
The following testimonials are some examples about what our customers are saying about iOS VideoKit.


- Jasper Pieterse, Cloud Camera


- DI Rudolf Schamberger, easyMOBIZ


- The MAGNIFY Team

"It was easy to integrate our streaming service into our app, as we needed support for more video codec. It saved us a lot of development time."

"After iOS webview stopped displaying MJPEG videos natively we were searching for a new solution for ayControl KNX. With iOS Video Kit we found it and it not only gives us MJPEG but a lot more. We are very happy about the H.264 and H.263 video support and about RTP/RTSP streaming as well."

"iOS VideoKit has truly been a pleasure to work with. Starting from the demo stages, the company was very willing to help with our inquires, despite us not having committed to buying the product yet. The detail and depth of their assistance surpasses any other similar firm that we've worked with to date. Even during a time when we were in a bind, the iOS VideoKit team bent over backwards to rectify our situation in a timely fashion. Combine all this wonderful service with a top notch, regularly-updated, and stable product, and you know right away that the iOS VideoKit is a product which you definitely should invest in. Thanks so much for your wonderful product and continued support / dedication!"

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New Update 2.8

Hello, this important update includes support for iOS 11,Swift 4 and the new iPhone X as well as shoutcast/icy metadata handling, playlist handling and switching between multiple video streams in real time. The sample project is rewritten in Swift. This update also includes bug fixes and other improvements below. Have fun with the most stable […]


Custom I/O data support

Hi folks! Today we are going to talk about the new feature of iOS VideoKit, released in version 2.7 : Custom I/O data support Until version 2.7, VideoKit needed a file or network url to play audio/video stream. Starting from version 2.7, it’s possible to provide custom audio/video stream data to VideoKit without giving a […]


New Update 2.7

Hello, In this version we have added Custom I/O support to iOS VideoKit so that now it supports playing audio/video stream in memory. This update also includes bug fixes and other improvements below. Have fun with the most stable powerful version of VideoKit 😉 Below is the release notes of version 2.7, Version: 2.7 – […]

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Playing RTSP streams with iOS VideoKit

Playing RTSP streams with iOS VideoKit As we all know iOS SDK does not support playing RTSP streams natively. But if you want to play RTSP streams in your applications, you can use iOS VideoKit for doing that. It’s as easy as adding a few lines of code to play RTSP streams using iOS VideoKit. […]