Custom I/O data support

Hi folks! Today we are going to talk about the new feature of iOS VideoKit, released in version 2.7 : Custom I/O data support Until version 2.7, VideoKit needed a file or network url to play audio/video stream. Starting from version 2.7, it’s possible to provide custom audio/video stream data to VideoKit without giving a […]


Upcoming 2.0 & 2.1 versions with new prices!

Hello everyone, This is a new blog post about upcoming updates for iOS VideoKit framework, this post does not include any technical information but, it mentions about our roadmaps and informing about upcoming price changes We have been working hard on new upcoming updates for months, and We will release 2.0 version at the end […]



Hello developers, This is the first official blog post of VideoKit site, after this date, We will try to write some posts about ffmpeg, ios development and make some samples&tutorials with VideoKit. The first post of course is about iOS VideoKit, let’s talk about what VideoKit is, In shortly, VideoKit is a powerful video playing […]