New update 2.0


Hello, a new update is released, please find release note below,

Version: 2.0 – Release Date: August 14

• Added support for secure streams with openSSL (now https, rtmps, rtmpe, rtmpte, rtmpte & tls protocols are supported)
• Added new feature: VideoKit shows the first picture immediately without waiting to fetch all frames to start
• TCP & UDP protocols are supported (tcp://xxx & udp://xxx streams can be playable)
• Seek in RTMP file streams can be possible
• ffmpeg libraries are updated to latest 2.x stable version
• Build script is updated for building & supporting openSSL & ffmpeg version 2.x
• Some APIs are depreciated, those are replaced with new ones in 2.x
• When using multiple players, the owner of the post notification can not be determined in delegate method – FIXED
• 1 KB is not 1024 Bytes in file system – FIXED
• Some log types are changed in play and stop methods
• In some local files, restarting from the beginning of the movie causes no sound, FIXED
• In some videos, frame timer is updated so late, this causes black screen on the start of video, FIXED
• NEON support is broken in Xcode 5.x, new scripts are added for Xcode 4.6.3 to build with neon & asm support
• Remote license activating & controlling mechanism

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