New update 2.3


Hello again, this update mostly includes bug fixes that our customers reported. Have fun with a more stable and more powerful version of VideoKit 😉

Below is the release notes of version 2.3,

Version: 2.3 – Release Date: May 2015

• Added disableInnerBuffer setting to have more control on the management of buffers (useful feature for fixing latency issues)
• If the license-form.plist file is not reachable in a way in the project, then username and secret properties of player classes can be set to fill license-form as well.
• The frame rate of video stream can be decreased – A useful feature to play multiple local videos more than 4
• Playable streams are now including language information
• Commenting out TRIAL definition does not remove developer you are using .. warning message in single binary version – FIXED
• If multiple players are working in the same time, play/stop actions cause a crash – FIXED
• If there needs extra space to decode packet, then av_decode_video2 crashes – FIXED
• If a network stream is stopped in early states of playing, and then If the play action immediately fired, the action is not taken – FIXED
• If audioDecoder is not ready then changing volume is not effective – FIXED
• FIX_FOR_RTSP_TEARDOWN_MESSAGE define check is removed from core because of lack of ability to activate for binary license holders
• Status bar is covering the toolbar if it’s not hidden – FIXED
• Done button on toolbar looks very tiny – FIXED
• Volume controls (Mute & volumeLevel) can not be set before decodemanager is initialized – FIXED
• Buffering event is not fired the exact time that the buffering begins – FIXED
• When the video stream is paused, the zoom action is not taken till replay – FIXED

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