New update 2.2


Hello again, We worked hard and as a result, a new update is ready in a short time, this update mostly includes bug fixes that our customers reported. Have fun with a more stable and more powerful version of VideoKit 😉

Below is the release notes of version 2.2,

Version: 2.2 – Release Date: December 14

• If the stream includes data-type stream, VideoKit crashes during recording – FIXED
• If the stream includes multiple audio streams, VideoKit fails on recording this stream – FIXED
• FFmpeg does not send RTSP-TEARDOWN message to server when the connection is closed – FIXED
• After the seeking slider is set to a position, it jumps back to old position for a short moment – FIXED
• Quotes and ‘$’ character in arguments are not handled when VKDECODER_OPT_KEY_PASS_THROUGH is used – FIXED
• Embedded player’s title can not be set with a custom text – FIXED
• Multiple Players can not be started at the same time – FIXED
• SetStatusBarHidden for Container of VKPlayerController is not updated for iOS 7 & above – FIXED
• If player view is added to a subview not directly to viewcontroller’s view, then grow/shrink animation doesn’t work well – FIXED
• License checking code has a bug that logs a message even though the credentials are valid – FIXED
• VideoKit Sample project supports iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 plus native resolutions now.
• Connection errors now give more details about the problem
• Added missed methods declarations in VKPlayerController class

download & try now

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