New update 2.5


Hello, this update includes bug fixes and improvements below. Have fun with a more stable and more powerful version of VideoKit 😉

Below is the release notes of version 2.5,

Version: 2.5 – Release Date: June 2016

• Added zoom to anywhere functionality with pinch in/out gesture on video as in whatsapp
• FTP protocol support is added
• Both embed & fullscreen iOS player views’ are adapted to autolayout
• Both embed & fullscreen tvOS player views’ are adapted to autolayout
• New fancy transition animation from embed to fullscreen and vs
• Depreciated methods & classes are removed and new APIs are used (NSURLConnection, NSString, etc …)
• Added panning functionality for mono audio streams
• ffmpeg logs can be disable
• openSSL is updated to a newer version (1.0.1i -> 1.0.2f)
//Bug fixes
• Can not get snapshots of multiple players playing at the same time – FIXED
• Parsing stream url address fails when passthrough is set & there is no any avoption for the url – FIXED
• RGB – YUV color space conversion causes frames seen faded – FIXED
• Some streaming servers start sending A/V packets with big time gaps that causes slowdown on displaying frames for a seconds – FIXED
• Recording fails for some live streams because of order error during muxing – FIXED
• VKManager.a & VideoKitCore.a are not bitcode enabled – FIXED

download & try now

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