New update 2.4 (tvOS Support)


Hey everybody,
We have added tvOS support to VideoKit in this version, updated the latest ffmpeg libraries and fixed some important issues. Have fun with a more stable and more powerful version of VideoKit on iOS & now tvOS platform 😉

Below is the release notes of version 2.4,

Version: 2.4 – Release Date: Nov 2015

• Added tvOS support to VideoKit, applying new concepts for tvOS such as Focus Management and controlling all features from the remote controller
– play/pause video,
– start/stop recording,
– zoom in/out,
– mute/unmute,
– show/hide information view
– enter/exit fullscreen mode in embedded view.
• Added ‘aac_adtstoasc’ bitstream filter support to be able to record supported codecs by iOS into mp4 container
• Added AUGraph support
• Added Audio panning feature to route audio left or right channel
• rtmpt & rtsps protocols are added to supported protocol list
• ffmpeg libraries are updated to latest 2.8.1 stable version
• Build scripts are updated for Xcode 7 and iOS9 (bitcode support)
• Updated file
• VideoKit deployment target is set to 7.x
• Code is cleaned from iOS 6 SDK checks
• Suppress all warnings in cmdutils.c file
• Streams that has more than 2 audio channels are now downgraded to 2 channels
• Player crashes when double tap is received after embed to full screen transition – FIXED
• Non-monotonous DTS in output stream error got during recording – FIXED
• If one player is stopped when multiple players are playing, all playing players are muted – FIXED
• player view is rotated left and back to normal again in iOS 7 when player is transiting from embed to fullscreen – FIXED
• Crash on stopping player because of the slider – FIXED
• Audio Video synchronization is lost when network is not reachable for a time – FIXED

download & try now

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